A survey  was conducted (May 12, 2016 - June 16, 2016) both online and at awareness events to determine awareness of the opioid epidemic and the perception of barriers to health and recovery. There were a total of 1,146 Erie County resident respondents. The results are posted below. 

Survey Results show:

92.68%   Of those taking the survey were aware there is an issue or concern with                  opioid addiction in their community. 

66.55%   Believed opiate addiction was a disease, not a choice.

73.18%   Did not believe opiate addiction can be controlled by willpower.

73.63%   Did not believe there was adequate/ available information on treatment                  providers for opiate addiction

93.07%   Believed addiction treatment programs should include: coping skills, life                  skills, and/ or job training components.

71.12%   Considered an affordable treatment center to be an effective means to                    address the epidemic in our community

Overwhelmingly, Finances, Users Acceptance and Availability/Affordability/Coordination of Services were considered to be the three largest barriers to obtaining treatment. 

For full survey results please see the attached file. Note that there were 385 comments included from participants, or approximately one third of the respondents added a comment. This indicates the opioid epidemic is a passionate subject.