My son Nathaniel Posted this on the Day he Died

Nathaniel Smith September 14, 2015 · How many of my friends have to die before the government figures out that it MUST FUND DRUG REHABILITATION PROGRAMS??

On September 15 his friend asked: How come its the governments fault? Most people who die from overdoses have been to rehab programs. Its the person strength that will save him. Not the government.

To which Nathaniel responded: Most rehabs are not subsidized, meaning that addicts must pay out of pocket. Out Patient clinics rely on insurance to pay, without insurance you have to pay out of pocket. These two facts alone make it so rehab is not accessible to everyone. For many people a 28 day program is not enough and they need to go to places like Horizon Village, but due to a limited amount of beds because of a lack of funding the wait time is 1 to 3 months. SO a lack of funding means that many people cannot go to rehab and those that can have to wait months. Even outpatient clinics have a wait time of months. As for the programs themselves it is much like public education, the programs are lacking in basic necessities and programs within rehab itself are severely lacking. Many programs cannot afford things like music or art therapy and education programs. People exiting rehab also receive little to no assistance on getting back on their feet.

So as a big picture this means that If you can afford to get into rehab, and can survive the wait, you basically undergo a 28 day forced sobriety with no improvement in education or job skills, as well as no meaningful therapy for trauma or psychological disorders. After leaving rehab most people are in the same, if not worse, situation than they were before only without drugs, the one thing that gave them pleasure or control. Its hard to stay strong and stay clean when the only thing that has changed in their life is that they are not currently using. And they now have a bill for several thousand dollars.