Speakers are available to support your event. Our speakers include those with the disease of addiction, family members who have either lost a loved one or lived with the disease of addiction, addiction counselors, friends, nurses or any combination the above. Please see the attached biography. We aim to educate and break the stigma. Silence is not beneficial. 


Trina Wasylenko is successfully living a happy and satisfying life after Opioid Addiction.

She is the Team Manager for a multi-disciplinary team of Mental Health Professionals who work with the severely and persistently mentally ill population.  Her Team helps to reintegrate people coming out of long term institutionalization back into a community setting. Trina also lists accomplishments as: 

  • CASC-T Substance Abuse Counselor

  • NYSC- Peer Specialist

  • Angel for the Opioid Task Force

  • Former Advisory Board member for Recovery Key Ministry

  • Street Outreach Volunteer

  • Trainer for Narcan certification

  • Part time University Of Buffalo Student for Health and Human Services

  • _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Maura Beres has worked as Licensed Social Worker for over 20 years. During which time she has worked in many levels of substance abuse treatment, including supervising 2 outpatient clinics and working as a clinician in the inpatient rehab unit at Erie County Medical Center. Maura also has participated in several public speaking events to help increase the awareness of the disease concept of addiction and reduce the stigma associated with addiction. Her use of humor, personal experiences and easy to understand concepts help to both engage audiences and provide them with information they can easily understand. 


Ben Francis is a speaker, peer mentor, licensed WRAP skill-builder and Narcan instructor. After over a decade of addiction to both heroin and alcohol, Ben’s time on the front lines of this epidemic gives him a real-world approach when it comes to speaking and helping others who are struggling with addiction. Always willing and eager to make a difference and dedicated to lifting the stigma of addiction, Ben has spoken at many events, large and small, and his unique approach and personal anecdotes help him connect with those he is speaking to. As of 2018, Ben has over two years of sobriety and is currently pursuing a degree in medicine.


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